The person who wants to become the topmost educator or entrepreneur, Dr. Varun Gupta can be the role model for sure. He is currently working with various higher educational institutions in India and abroad. He is presenting consultations and liaisons in a huge globe of trade and education.


If you want to fill immense motivation in your life, then you must read about Dr. Varun Gupta. He is a famous peace ambassador, educationist, humanitarian, and whatnot.

He has been previously awarded by George Washington University of Peace for being the global young leader of the year 2020. Did you ever have seen such a multitalented person, who can handle various gaps all alone? You can address him as COVID WARRIOR/ CSR initiative taker and with many other tags like educational and counselor. This COVID warrior tag has been recently added to him when the globe has been clasped between life and death. During the covid the lockdown term, he worked with full determination to provide the best facilities to the patients admitted to the hospital. Not only to the patients, but he has also helped the people who had lost their jobs while the pandemic.


He has involved himself in several social activities. some of them are a distribution of sanitary pads, dry kits of ration along with home-cooked healthy and delicious food. When the country was facing extremely difficult times, he has made his place in numerous hearts and revived humanity at best. Not only this, he is a very spiritual person and makes him involved in many spiritual occasions and functions.


Dr. Varun, the Youngest Entrepreneur in India has traveled to more than 50 nations and touched and glorified the lives of more than 2 lakh people around the world. He is not only a great businessman but also a social services provider and a great motivational speaker.