If you really want to have some amazing motivation in your life then you definitely need to know about Dr. Varun Gupta who is a famous educationist, peace ambassador, entrepreneur, humanitarian, and what not.

George Washington University of Peace has recently awarded Dr. Varun for a global young leader in the year 2020. If you want to become the topmost entrepreneur in India then Varun Gupta can be your role model.

He is not only a top educationist but also a popular entrepreneur who is working in education as well as an entrepreneur with higher learning institutions and presenting liaisons & consultations in a huge world of education and trade.

Recently, he was called Varun Gupta Covid Warrior because, during the Covid lockdown period, he worked really hard in order to offer basic facilities to the covid-19 patients and people who lost their jobs.

He was involved in distributing sanitary napkins, dry ration kits along with home cooked delicious food when the entire country was going through extremely difficult times.


Not only this, but he is also very spiritual and Dr Varun Gupta Spiritual ISKCON believes in God. Dr. Gupta feels blessed and thanks god every time for giving him the opportunity to help others and make a difference in their lives.


Dr. Varun has traveled to more than 50 countries and made positive changes in the lives of almost two lakhs people. He believes that to bring a huge change in the world, it is important to be educated as education is the most operative weapon.


Therefore, Dr. Varun Gupta is not only a business consultant but also a great motivational speaker and skill developer.