An education advisor always fosters the development of the whole student. He is self-directed, a responsible decision-maker, and motivated enough to uplift others. One such education advisor and University partnership expert, who is currently placed as an education advisor at (SOAD) state of the African Diaspora are Dr. Varun Gupta.

Not only Educationist but he is also a humanitarian, entrepreneur, and Peace ambassador of UNSDGHe constantly works toward spreading the objectives of UNSDG.

In 2020, he was awarded by George Washington University of Peace for being a Global young leader. The growth of the companies, VQENA India, Cambridge career college UK has credited him as a major contributor to their success. Hence, in 2019 he was awarded by Siksha Gaurav Puraskarat Global concave 2019. Moreover, for around one dozen of global firms, he is placed aboard. He continues to advise them toward their best.

A country is known by its citizens and the talent that it comprises. Being an Indian, Dr. Varun Gupta has uplifted the name of his nation as well as, where he got his education and worked for welfare. He transmits inspiration and pathways on perspective growth with an individualistic approach. Apart from his professional career, he is going limitless when it comes to kindness and helping hands. During the whole pandemic, he strutted still and assisted numerous impoverished people.


To encourage and uplift the Asian and African residents, he has worked with several educational organizations to bring them up and also had developed multiple strategies and programs so that no one stays out of their primary education right. You can also check his other achievements on the official website