When we closely look around, we would know that the globe is full of people who are strongly driven by their strong will and passion to create a difference, through their effort. Their uniqueness, consistency, and efforts do put a positive impact on the world.

What’s the most impressive thing here is that most of the youngsters are determined to rise above all the struggles. They are the only ones, who become the success story by making themselves grow and assisting others to take the road to success. One such youngster who has moved to become an educationist and the Youngest Entrepreneur in India is Dr. Varun Gupta.

He always wanted to be a learned profession and to gain as much insights, knowledge, and information as around him. His excursion started with leveraging his educational qualifications and experiences to make a growth-driven career in entrepreneurship and education. It had become a mission for him to devote himself to the education system and to make it stronger.

He has been bestowed with some of the most prestigious tributes and awards in the world. He has worked relentlessly toward business and education. He has been known as a great Business management consultant and awarded for being the most promising entrepreneur of the year 2018. Then in 2019, he has been awarded the Shiksha Gaurav Puraskarand an award for his leadership in the same year. For promoting the goals of UNSDG 2030, he has been seen as an active player. Hence in 2019, he has been given the title of Peace Ambassadors of the year.

The lists of accomplishments do not end here, in 2020 he has been awarded as the Global Young Leader by George Washington University of peace.