Dr. Varun Gupta
Dr. Varun Gupta

Dr. Varun Gupta Educationist | Peace Ambassador | Entrepreneur | Humanitarian | Author
Proud Member of UNICEF Donar Family
Global Business & Management Consultant

Dr. Varun Gupta, acclaimed as an Indian Peace Ambassador to spread objectives of UNSDGs; Education Advisor to the State of African Diaspora; a top Educationist and an Entrepreneur who works as an Educator and Entrepreneur with higher learning institutions offering liaisons and consultations to the world of Education and Trade sector. He is known to be a global business and liaisoning consultant. He is also the Vice President of USA based institution named ON SKY GLOBAL; Chief Operating Officer of Cambridge Career College UK and Director of Pingaksh International Consultants, India.

With more than 12 years of experience in the business ecosystem, he has garnered mentions in Forbes, Hindustan Times, India Today, The New Indian Express, US Times, Navbharat Times, Dainik Bhaskar, Punjab Kesari and much more. Dr. Varun Gupta garnered immense popularity globally for its warrior front humanitarian activities during COVID lockdown times. He had distributed dry ration kits, sanitary napkins, complete home cooked nutritious food and much more while the country was facing unemployment as well as being paralyzed to feed the Covid patients.

Proud Member of UNICEF Donor Family

In 2020, Dr Varun was awarded for Global young leader by George Washington University of Peace. He has also been the driving force behind the company’s growth that he owns including Cambridge Career College UK, VQENA India and many more which resulted in him being awarded by Shiksha Gaurav Puraskar 2019 at Guru Global Conclave 2019. He is also an avid writer, known for his book Leading with Negotiation Skills. He has an active following on Facebook and Instagram and his endeavors & content is appreciated by over 100,000 people every month.

He describes his life as an entrepreneur to be rewarding. Despite the challenges, he believes the end result is extremely rewarding. He feels accomplished to see really profitable work coming out as outcome since 2014 and there lies a sense of satisfaction when you are able to grow your company, the people that you have hired are really enjoying their stay at the company and associations are also happy at the same time with your work.

Apart from being Indian Peace Ambassador for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, he is a server on board of one dozen global firms in the academic sector and has collaborated for years with many international educational organizations to develop specialized programs being run for the uplifting of the African and Asian people. He has marked milestones with the pedestals of rich academic and professional experience and a young budding intellectual scholar in the education service industry. Also, Swadeshi’s business and products are what he supports falling in nexus with the thought process of our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji.

He is the Chapter Member of International Accreditation Organization and well known for being humble, dedicated, and God-fearing. He is committed to encouraging the global movement that inspires to turn consciousness into action at the Earth Charter Center for Education for Sustainable Development. His belief is to treat all living beings with respect and consideration prevails to promote the transition to sustainable ways of living.

Apart from the business consulting profile, Dr. Varun Gupta is an eminent skill developer, motivational speaker, and corporate trainer on leadership, entrepreneurship, communication, personal excellence and liaisons with universities, etc. He is known to bring people, technology, institutions, and management together for a better business ecosystem.

A voluntary, spontaneous, and relentless pursuit of goals and objectives with the highest level of energy and enthusiasm describes him. He has conducted training programs for the Corporate Sector and Student Community all over India and abroad.

Looking into his successful business ventures and academic contribution, as a matter of pride for all of us, he has been conferred upon the very formidable national and international awards in the presence of eminent politicians, business personalities, media fraternity and many socialites.