7 Things to keep in mind while starting the year 2021 with purpose and passion

A new year is the beginning of a new era in itself. It is a time to reflect upon ourselves, our desires in life, purpose and passion. The new year stands in front of us like a chapter in a book waiting to be written. It is the best time to introspect and find the meaning and purpose of life. The year 2021 is just around the corner and most of us have started making resolutions to eat healthily, stay fit, play sports, travel etc. It is a very obvious step that people around the world take and try to accomplish them. But many of us don’t realize what we want to change and how to drive success in our lives. Rather than focusing on small goals, one should try to achieve overall development and health. Therefore instead of making resolutions in 2021, one should choose to follow their dreams, walk on the right path and find success in future endeavours. Since the secret to getting ahead is getting started, here are 7 things to keep in mind to begin 2021 with purpose and passion:

  • Happiness

As we all know inside our hearts that happiness is a state of mind and one cannot find it or try to achieve it. The key to being happy lies in living small moments, One needs to give away negative and sad thoughts to stay happy from within. It’s time to understand that one’s happiness doesn’t depend on external factors. What we want, we already have it. Even though we may suffer anxiety, mood swings and face difficult situations in life, our happiness is our responsibility. So in the year 2021 focus on the positive and surrender the negative.

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  • Peace

To be at peace is to mentally connect with ourselves and stay in the present moment. To achieve peace one needs to accept the realities of life and stop living in a world of fairytales. The right way to be at peace both mentally and emotionally is through acceptance and forgiveness. One should practice yoga and meditation to achieve a peaceful state of mind and stay in it, no matter the situation.


  • Discipline

Being disciplined doesn’t mean to be quiet all the time. One should maintain discipline in their thoughts, actions, words, eating habits, exercise etc. As the excess of anything is bad for oneself. Therefore being disciplined means to balance life. It helps to align thoughts with actions and achieve the finer things in life.


  • Freedom

Freedom of mind and soul helps a person to think properly. One should set themselves free from worries, pain, anger out of unwanted situations. As long as we don’t try to control outside factors, everything will fall into place. So in the upcoming new year, we should focus more on setting our mind and body free from toxic things and stay calm.


  • Values

The values we hold in life define our passion, joy and purpose in life. So one should spend time reflecting on the same. As values determine our priorities and what we stand for. This new year, try to identify the values that will help you to evaluate the complexities in life and new decisions at your workplace or career. It will in turn help you to stay calm and peaceful during bad times.

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  • Vision

One of the most important things in life is having a vision for the future. It describes your future goals and paves a way towards clear directions. Having a vision helps to make decisions that align with our intentions. Our vision statement can focus on new hopes and dreams, family, friends, business, society, or the earth as a whole. To begin the year 2021 with great passion and purpose towards life.

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  • Patience

Lastly, be patient. As they say, good things come to those who wait. Patience is the key to success in every endeavour. In the year 2021 remember two things: Investing time in self-awareness is very important and every decision will lead you to a different direction. But being patient will help you grow and thrive in life.

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Thus, embrace the year 2021 with life-changing values and vision.Try to accept the realities of life and focus on the good. Keep your mind and body free from external pressure. Be ready to receive unconditional love, true happiness, and the ability to make a difference in your life as well as the lives of the people you love. Don’t let yourself be affected by difficult circumstances. Focus on your happiness and strengths. Set realistic goals and make resolutions which you can achieve easily. They should focus on increasing self-knowledge or personal development. It’s time to ditch the peer pressure to perfect yourself. Rather start doing new activities that help you build community ties or new friendships and boost your career.