Can greed be good? Or its love that conquers?

In the words of the 14th-century famous poet Rumi –“Even after all this time, the Sun never says to the Earth “You owe me.”Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky.”

The poet has beautifully summed up selfless love in just a few words. When we talk about love in the worldly sense it means affection, loyalty and benevolent concern for the good of another. It is the most primitive theme in many cultures and art around the world. The significance and diversity of love can be seen throughout the history of human evolution. With this idea, love can be seen as a power that influences the whole human civilization. Furthermore, it is a factor that contributes to the growth of the human race. We all are aware of the great wonders of the world which are built under the influence and inspiration of love. Love holds the utmost value in the life of human beings as it is the most fundamental subjective indicator of happiness.


Human beings have a natural ability of feeling and bestowing love. Love is the underlying cause of the existence of different communities, cultures, traditions, and the entire world as a whole. This powerful emotion gives us the strength to fight our weaknesses, to survive odd times, and to kill any negative emotion that arises within us. It teaches us to be hopeful and lets us accomplish any task, no matter how hard the situation. These enigmatic emotions can be seen when a baby is born and how parents forget about their sleep, hunger, and lifestyle. The sweet bliss of love exceeds all boundaries and plays a vital role in changing the lives of people. The love for our career inspires us to be more passionate about it. Nothing holds any value without love. Even the most important thing to mankind such as money is powerless in front of love. But in the very existence of love also exists some negative emotions such as hate, anger, jealousy, sadness, and greed. These unhappy and unpleasant emotions make us feel miserable all the time. But they are not a sign of weakness rather they are incredibly normal and are a part of our lives. One such powerful negative emotion is greed. Greed is the uncontrollable enthusiasm to hoard something in amounts beyond one’s needs. It can be most commonly for materialistic possessions, power, money, fame, attention, or admiration. Greed takes a toll on our lives and transfers anger and thoughtlessness into people connected to us. Envy and spite are common outcomes of greed. In today’s time when everyone is just running behind their careers, money, luxury, and desires, they have lost track of their happiness and inner peace. Out of all these negative emotions probably greed is the one we must keep in check with. If you feel the familiarity of greed arising inside you, remove yourself from the scenario by using mindfulness. There are some ways through which we can combat greed in our lives. Firstly through gratitude, being satisfied, and thankful for what we have. Secondly, by self- introspection, analyzing the positive things one has in life. Finally, practicing love with ourselves, family, friends, career, and surroundings. These may be difficult to practice immediately, but with time it will not only be beneficial for us but will also meet our real needs.


It is therefore very necessary to teach young individuals and students about these robust emotions that rule their entire life’s journey. Teaching moral values such as respect, justice, helping others and cultivating a love for education to children and students will help them to lead a great life. These values play a huge role in building the personality of the child. Education is the biggest weapon one can have, and a love for education must be cultivated in the students to make them understand its importance in life. If you are looking for an edupreneur who focuses on the love for education, then follow Dr. Varun Gupta, who is well known in the world of education and is the peace ambassador of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). To know more about him, visit: