Planning professional education? Grab the guidance from edupreneur Dr. Varun Gupta

A formalized approach to specialized training in professional institutes or schools is termed as Professional Education. It helps the trainee to acquire theoretical knowledge and learn to apply techniques. Professional education is mainly based on practical knowledge along with values basic to professional discipline. Professional education is designed in such a way that it helps you attain a level of competence that is necessary for a professional career; and it also makes you responsible for the continued development of competence. The idea revolves around understanding the concepts, principles, and techniques and learning to apply them in practice professionally. With time evolving advancing the professional knowledge and working on improving the standards of practice is an important aspect in the industry.

Advancements in technology have taken the competitions in the job field to the next level, more competitive than ever, which requires the need to evolve alongside them.

So if you are planning for a professional career and moving a step ahead towards acquiring professional education, then you are at the right place.

Here are exclusive 10 tips that will help you in your professional career planning by Dr. Varun Gupta. Dr. Varun Gupta, acclaimed as an Indian Peace Ambassador, a top Educationist, and Entrepreneur works as an Educator and Entrepreneur with higher learning institutions offering liaisons and consultations to the world of Education and Trade sector.  He is known to be a business and liaisoning consultant.

  • Don’t be afraid to make a unique choice

At every point of life, you must allow yourself for choices. Adults are allowed to make choices about their learning. When we take responsibility for our own learning, we become more active. This quality further helps you in your professional career when the time comes where you have to make a responsible choice.  Dr. Varun Gupta, the Executive Vice President at On Sky Global and Chief Operating Officer at Cambridge Career College, a USA and UK based institutions respectively engaged in imparting skill-based job-ready career programs in various capacities.   Based on his experience he has penned down this pointer.


  • Plan and Prepare

The key to success in professional development lies heavily on your planning process. Being clear about your purpose is the first thing that matters. In order to achieve your goals and objectives, you must plan and decide how to use resources and overcome your constraints and be prepared for the outcome.


  • Understanding And Admitting Your Weaknesses

To develop yourself both personally and professionally as a student, the first step is to understand what needs to be developed.  Self-reflection is a crucial point while moving forward into professional life.  You must learn how to overcome your weaknesses and not get depressed by them. Proper planning and practice helps you succeed in this field.


  • Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

It is rightly said by Roy T. Bennett, “You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Many of us like to stay in our own comfort zone, which seizes our opportunities to explore. Getting out of the comfort zone only gets better with practice, experience and hard work.

Professional life requires getting out of your comfort zone from time to time. It helps you to ramp up our focus and creativity. It also helps you to respond to life stress at unexpected times.


  • Learn to adjust with people you don’t match with

Too many people avoid working with people who have different approaches to the situation than they have and that’s a huge mistake. In Fact having people with different mindset than you helps you grow and expand your ability in any field. Professional career is all about working with different personalities which provides challenges at every step making you more refined in the end.


  • Find a Mentor who can guide you properly

Finding a mentor is an important aspect as it pushes you closer to your career development goal. It creates opportunities, and it is great because you will get to know different perspectives. Mentors get you one step closer towards your goal by preparing you for the better and guiding you to build better professional networks.


  • Diversify Your Work Experiences

The more diversified and involved you are with your work, the better you find out what your true passion is.  If you excel in a particular thing, it’s time to advance that speciality and elevate the way you do things. It will help diversify your experiences and also help you develop your professional skills.


  • Networking outside professional bubble

A great thing to start with is volunteering. Creating opportunities other than professional work get you outside of your professional bubble and network with places and people that are great to connect with. It gives you confidence and better achievement in life.  It’s an important step towards getting out of your comfort zone that will broaden up your skill set and help you expand your professional network.

  • Don’t allow  yourself into a career corner

In today’s rapidly evolving workplace where you can grow and find what you love to do, you should not hesitate in changing your career path or your earlier interests. Assess your interests, values, and skills and consider alternative careers. Once you start off your professional career, you will find a lot more choices and thus you are able to choose the career of your choice.

  •  Research, Read & Be Aware

Awareness of recent activities going around has a positive impact on your career. It helps you understand and learn about skills you need to enhance and you will be able to showcase, if you were in that situation of leadership. Emulating the people that you look up to is a step forward towards self-development. Reading, researching and being intellectual with your learning practices helps you gain intangible qualities needed to reach your career goals.


Thus don’t wait for things to happen. Make them happen! Go out and explore all the career options that suit you and help you become a professional! Learn from each experience and you can achieve the success you have always dreamed of.

Dr. Varun Gupta has touched upon the lives of more than 2,00,000 people and has traveled to more than 50 countries to spread the light of leadership, motivation, and guidance under the umbrella of education, skills training, public administration good governance, etc. by placing oneself as a renowned edupreneur in India. To know more about him visit